Blues Lee started out in 1995 and in just two years they worked their way up to the first division of the Belgian bluesscene. 
In 1997 they played at the Belgian Rhythm and Blues Festival in Peer.  Seemingly effertless they managed to convince the crowd at Europe's most famous bluesfestival.  From that moment on they have been playing numerous clubs, pubs and
major festivals throughout the Benelux , Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, Curaçao ... 

Blues Lee is a LIVE BAND in every sense of the word.  They put on a show rather than just play a bunch of 12 bar songs. 
In the tradition of the great T-Bone Walker, Blues Lee performs an act with own material : naughty lyrics, entertainment,
the right looks, storytelling, harmony vocals, dancable grooves: Genuine Feel Good Music.  They started out as a bunch of friends and you can hear that on stage : a tight and nasty groupsound and lots of positive vibes !  Swing, Jump, R&B, Soul, Boogie ... with the right attitude and their tongues in your cheek.  
Blues Lee was described in the press as "a band with style",  "Classy band", "Blues Lee are Killers with a capital K", "a BIG bluesband", "They make you feel good", "One of the best bluesbands in  Belgium" ..     They jammed with Guy Davis, Billy Branch, Kay Foster Jackson, Dallas Hodge and many others.

They will deliver the goods anytime and have an uplifting Rootsparty anywhere!

Blues Lee's got one foot firmly planted in the Mississippi mud, the other one kicking and groovin' on a contemporary dancefloor...

Your concert at our club last weekend was amazing.You are the most original blues band of Europe i have seen so far. Its fresh, its different, it is ... BLUES LEE.



Carlo Smeyers  -  Karel Phlix -  Bies Biesmans  -  Steph Collart  - Jan Corthouts



BLUES LEE releases


1998 EP "Enter the Demo"

1999 Live full CD "Fame's got a Name"

2001 full CD "Bubba"

2003 full CD "In the Crack of the Map"

2006 full CD "Home"

2010 full CD "Indeed"

2013 Single "Sole Heir Patrol"

2020 full CD "Twenty Five"

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    contact    karel phlix +(0)496 17 89 13 hasselt belgium