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"One foot firmly planted in the Mississippi mud, another kicking and grooving on a contemporary dancefloor"

BLUES LEE  is know for their exciting live shows, variety of American genres and witty lyrics. 
They have played in clubs and on major festivals throughout Europe: Belgium, Holland, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, France, Germany, Switzerland, in South-Africa and Curaçao.
And they are still going strong!     


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BLUES LEE releases


1998 EP "Enter the Demo"

1999 Live full CD "Fame's got a Name"

2001 full CD "Bubba"

2003 full CD "In the Crack of the Map"

2006 full CD "Home"

2010 full CD "Indeed"

2013 single "Soul Heir Patrol"

2020 single "Work Hard"

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    contact    karel phlix +(0)496 17 89 13 hasselt belgium  karelphlix@hotmail.com